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About Closet Christiana:

My name is Christi and I currently live in Boston, MA. As a college graduate I would like to use my research skills I have learned and apply it to fashion as a personal stylist. I have always enjoyed smart shopping for others- finding exact matches to your personal style while remaining budget friendly. I look forward to working with you and helping meet your fashion needs and goals!

How it Works:

Once you fill out the intake form on the next page I will learn your preferred colors, fabrics and basic style. Additionally, I will gauge what outfit types you are looking for - whether that be for a specific event, work in general, for nights out, etc. I will ask you your price range and still grant you wonderful options to purchase within your budget.

Cost is dependent on needs and time spent researching for you but will be agreed upon prior to booking. For my services we will set a price together that is very reasonable and I will get to work after receiving half of the payment over Venmo or Apple Pay. My business is centered around communication and understanding your needs as the client.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your lookbook to arrive.

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  • Reliable, fast communication
  • A personalized lookbook containing full outfits that caters to your needs, prices and easy links to purchase

You will Receive:

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